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Our Work

We choose this work because relationships are an integral part of our lives. The moment we embrace our relationships through our values and beliefs, we create a Ceasefire moment. (Ceasefire meaning: a temporary suspension of fighting, typically one during which peace talks take place; a truce.) These Ceasefire moments are more likely to be a possibility on days we celebrate a belief or tradition.


At Ceasefire Mediation, we offer several services to help families during high conflict child custody cases. One of our more popular services is Supervised Visits. These take place on the first, third and fifth weekends of each month, giving children an opportunity to continue an integral relationship with their parents. As a community, we can bless these families with a Ceasefire moment by providing an opportunity for memories to be made during a traditional celebration our community recognizes.


Will you help us create these opportunities for families in a supervised visit case?

  • New Year's Celebration

  • Valentines Day Party

  • Easter Celebration

  • Mother's Day Celebration

  • Father's Day Celebration

  • Summer Fun Party

  • Halloween Party

  • Thanksgiving Celebration

  • Christmas Celebration

Become a Volunteer

There are many ways you can volunteer with us. We are currently looking for volunteers to help in the following ways:

  • Plan the next event

  • Registration administration for the next event

  • Cook/Serve food at the next event

  • Decorate and clean up for the next event

  • Hall monitors and security for the next event

  • Become a Board Member

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Become a Supervisor

Do you have the gift of social work? It's obvious when you do. For those of us who find it rewarding to watch relationships flourish, especially a parent child relationship, we are called to social work. Here is your opportunity to get involved.


At these events, a supervisor will be assigned to each child or family of children. There are responsibilities that come with being a supervisor. All supervisors must be cleared with a background check and must attend a training seminar.

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Support Our Cause
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It is our goal to offer memorable events for these families who are stepping through a difficult time in their lives. We would like to be able to offer more than just food and decorations at each event. It's always nice to have music, in person characters, photographers, bounce houses and others but these cost money. Your financial contributions are greatly appreciated.

Spread the News

Help us get the word out. Even in the world of social media today, there is nothing that supersedes a personal reference. We invite you to get to know us personally so you can speak to others with first hand information.

Set an appointment to visit our facility and meet the staff. Join our newsletter of upcoming events so you can stay informed. Take one of our seminars and reap the benefits of improving your emotional intelligence. There are many ways you can benefit personally just by helping us Spread the News!

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